A. Burnett

A. Burnett

Purson of Interest is my 2020 student animation featuring a hard boiled detective chasing after a very important target...

Made in Adobe Animate and finished in Premiere Pro

Selected gifs from MerMay 2023
Animated in Clip Studio EX

It's a skeleton knitting himself skin!

I've got a strong passion for both illustration and physical crafting and this guy was a school project experimenting with merging the two.

All stop motion animated and composited onto a photo background using
Photoshop and Clip Studio EX

The main body is polymer clay but the arms and hands are moulded out of modeling clay for poseability.

Tribute to Jack Stauber, whose work is a huge inspiration to me.

Base portrait is an acrylic painting with stop motion clay photographed directly on top.

Finished in Clip Studio EX

A. Burnett

Seamless tile pattern made for a variety of clothing and household products.

Photo editing done in Photoshop.

Day to night, digital matte painting with a sci-fi angle.

Collage project. Photographed elements mixed with digital painting.

Poster design for L'Affichiste.
Mika: Tiny Love Tiny Tour was meant to play in Montréal the summer of 2020.

Product redesign project. Terry's Chocolate Orange (summer theme)


Amara Burnett is a Montreal based illustrator who specializes in fantasy and horror art.A graduate of Dawson College’s Illustration program, they are proficient in both digital and traditional painting. Their art career was inspired early on by a love of comics and graphic novels, and their work is guided by that same bold, narrative-driven style.

(they also love to knit)



Bouncing ball study done in Adobe Animate.

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